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Please vote for these new board memebers to join the APPPAH board.

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More about Carol McLellan

I love what APPPAH represents in helping the world have more optimal births, better communication and connection between baby and mom as well as the parents and families.

I have a lot of experience in birth education and have taught in many countries and in many hospitals.  I can assist with curriculum development, instructing participants and/or teachers. There are many layers to good instruction.  It is more than just putting the information out there, it is communicating with the participants, meeting them where they are at and have the appropriate presence and boundaries. 

I have been on a number of boards and many committees including the Board of Governors of San Joaquin Valley College, for 13 years.  SJVC is a Med- Tech school with 15 campuses in California.  I was also on their curriculum oversight committee for the Physician’s Assistant program. I was the Ombudsman (Director) of CST1 curriculum for 2 years as well as the head of the Instructor Apprentice Program.  I am currently the Ombudsman and Developer of the CranialSacral Therapy (CST) for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth curriculums as well as Co-Ombudsman for the CST for Pediatrics curriculums.

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More about Nathan Wilkes

I am excited about the opportunity to help the organization with this position.  While I have no direct experience as a CFO for a non-profit organization, I have extensive experience with management process definition, analysis, and cost management. I have worked closely with CFOs to manage budgets and documentation of expenses of millions of dollars; established ground-up accounting and expense procedures; and always been the ’go-to’ for taking on projects nobody else had the experience or desire to do.  I am a pragmatic manager who is very used to maximizing results with constrained resources and budgets.  I love the idea of helping out this wonderful organization and making the responsibilities of the CFO something you simply don’t have to worry about anymore.

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More about Mark Hunt

My interest in APPPAH is a product of a number of factors including my recognition of the importance of supporting an approach to PPN psychology and health that empowers mothers and babies to engage with pregnancy and birth, in a healthy and relational way, and on their terms and my personal experience that it is possible to positively influence PPN experience for mothers and babies; that the best way to do this is through education and support; and that APPPAH is an incredibly valuable contributor to this goal.

In my first career I held numerous roles in medium to large organizations and was responsible for planning, business development, communication, customer relations, report writing, financial management etc. A part of my current work involves supporting organizations with strategic an executive coaching.

With regard to my knowledge of specific prenatal, birth or postpartum health practices. My particular focus on PPN health is psychological (as a psychotherapist) and concerned with supporting adults, children, and babies with healing PPN trauma. My training at the Karuna Institute first introduced me to this work and I have followed this up with personal birth work and trainings. I also just completed my PPNE with APPPAH. I am currently training as an Integrated Baby Therapist with Matthew Appleton.