Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

HOW we are welcomed into this world MATTERS -
and influences us for the rest of our lives

Join us in Transforming the World of Birth

Prenatal and Perinatal Learning Center

APPPAH strives to educate all birth professionals working with Moms and Babies to prevent or heal any traumas that might arise in the pregnancy, birth and bonding phases of life.

“Birth Psychology education is a transformational life experience!”

Global Membership

As a Global Community we collaborate worldwide with pioneers who are forging a new path forward to improve the culture of Birth around the world.

Join our Professional Community.

Peer Reviewed Journal

For the last 40 years we have published a peer reviewed journal that has provided ground breaking discoveries in the field of Birth Psychology.

Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health - JOPPPAH.

What is Birth Psychology?

Birth Psychology is a field of study that explores the lifelong impact of our earliest experiences beginning in the womb and beyond.

Our earliest pregnancy, birth and attachment experiences have a profound cascading effect on shaping our adult lives.

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Prenatal and Perinatal Learning Center

Online Education for Birth Professionals and Parents

"Giving language and meaning to
the time before we could speak"

Testimonials from our Students and Members

"Birth psychology has changed the way I think about everything. It changed the course of my career. It changed me.”   Elisa K

Being able to learn directly from our fields pioneers and experts is invaluable. I highly recommend Monday LIVE webinars.”
Shaina L.

“APPPAH revealed the hidden connections between conception, pregnancy and birth and the quality of individual wellness, public health and a compassionate society.” Elina W.

APPPAH is committed to educating
and supporting ALL birthing families

Creating peace and health in our world begins by tending to our most vulnerable time of life...
before, during, and after birth.

Imagine a World...

Where ALL babies feel welcomed, seen and nurtured
beginning in the womb.

Where ALL pregnant women feel fully supported throughout
pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time.

Where ALL support members of the birth process are educated
about the impact of pregnancy and birth throughout our lives.

You can help make this happen!


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around the World